Ms. Green Jeans – chapter 1

The totally manufactured and quite possibly toxic (really, smell it) green grass of my Easter basket has got me thinking about more ways to go green in my life. It’s been easy to switch out the light bulbs and turn off the water while I brush my teeth, but what about going a bit deeper…into the depths of my closet? Today we’re going to take baby steps and start with a wardrobe staple, the jean. We’ll see if we can not only add a wee bit o’green (hats off to st. patty’s day while we’re on holidays) to our closets, but keep a bit of it in our wallets as well.

First up THE GREENLOOP – these guys are making it SO EASY to go green! Get your carbon-producing butt (quite literally) over there now!

These Loomstate Mantra Shorts are just the thing for spring! Dark wash, slim fit, 100% organic cotton. On sale for $70 (orig. $149).


Also at Greenloop, the Del Forte Denim Daphne Shorts, with their flattering trouser cut and cuff just below the knee, are a bargain at $99 (orig. $169). 99% organic cotton, 1% spandex.


The Anna Cohen Denim Pant at Greenloop is listed as their “daily steal”. At more than 50% off, $107 sounds like a steal to me too.


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