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Cyber Monday is just two days away and ideeli is leading the holiday shopping charge with great give-aways and incredible sales! Read on to see what ideeli’s cyber monday event has in store for you…and then go to ideeli & register! (Hint: use invitation code “thesalerack”).


ideeli\'s balenciaga handbag give-away! win the giant city arena handbag!

Trends come and go, but true classics have real staying power. Balenciaga is one of the few houses whose work often stands the test of time. It’s no wonder Christian Dior himself, once called Cristobal Balenciaga, the “Couturier of Couturiers”. Retail value: $1695.00 – register @ ideeli (use invitation code “thesalerack”) for a chance to WIN! One day only!

GINETTE NY – 14k Gold Jewelry – Prices start at $69!

ginette ny on sale at ideeli - cyber monday

Ginette NY – Call them lucky charms if you will – Frederique Dessemond launched her jewelry collection in 2001 with her famous 14 Karat gold disc necklace which was a contemporary spin on a version traditionally worn by French women. Since then, she has scoured the flea markets of France and the United States picking up amulets for her modern-looking signet rings, monogrammed pendants and delicate necklaces. While stylish shops like Calypso and Lisa Kline have always stocked her precious jewels, in 2007 her cult-like following encouraged Dessemond to open her own shop, ginette_ny Jewelry Bar, located in New York’s trendy West Village. So whether running for office or running for the most stylish woman in the room, you’ll feel like the first lady every time you wear one of ginette_ny’s gems.

This event is one of several special ideeli Cyber Monday shopping events. It is your chance to snap up coveted gifts from ideeli at amazing prices without braving the brick-and-mortar crowds. To be sure you don’t miss it, we’re releasing the start date and time: Monday, December 1st at 11:00am for 1st row members, noon for 2nd row members. This event will run throughout the day.

Linea Pelle Wallets – Prices starting at $89!

Save up to 64% on Linea Pelle’s line of Croc Couture. This holiday season satisfy the chicest ladies on your list with treasures from renowned leather purveyor Linea Pelle. Combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, Linea Pelle creates products that are equally casual and luxurious. Handcrafted from washed Italian leathers, each piece possesses an exquisitely soft feel and a unique vintage look. Playful details such as candy colors and croc embossing prove that serious fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

linea pelle croc couture wallets @ ideeli - cyber monday

Better yet, this elegant Linea Pelle wallet comes stuffed with a $25 Linea Pelle gift card plus a $25 ideeli gift card for new members so you can invite friends and family to join our community. When flawless functionality meets eye-catching design, the result is a new twist on croc couture perfect for the holidays and beyond.

CHRISTIAN LACROIX SHOES – Prices starting at $120!

Save up to 72% on Christian Lacroix shoes. Is there such a thing as too gorgeous? Not if French fashion master Christian Lacroix has any say in the matter. Lacroix finds beauty everywhere – from George Balanchine’s famous ballets to roadside gypsy festivals. But, lucky for us, his biggest inspiration has always been women.

christian lacroix shoe sale @ ideeli - cyber monday

Since launching his first ready-to-wear collection (after working for the legendary fashion house of Jean Patou) in 1987, Lacroix has created an iconic look – opulent, colorful clothes that bring together all his different cultural influences.

christian lacroix shoe sale @ ideeli - cyber monday

Lacroix adds a bit of drama and grandeur in his accessories as well, from luxurious-looking handbags to colorful scarves to decadently amazing shoes to whimsical jewelry pieces. For glamour dressing from head to toe, we think Lacroix’s pieces are a sound investment.

christian lacroix shoe sale @ ideeli - cyber monday

LAMBERTSON TRUEX – Prices starting at $98!

There aren’t many designers who can transform a brand from a fledgling to a classic in a single decade, but then again, Richard Lambertson and John Truex aren’t just any designers. Backed by extensive experience in the luxury fashion market, the two joined forces in the United States in 1998 to create their self-titled label, Lambertson Truex. Seeking to unite chic styling with functional details, the designers craft accessories that bring a hint of Old World elegance to a modern lifestyle.

lambertson truex sale @ ideeli - cyber monday

Be sure you don’t miss any of these great sales by signing up at ideeli (use invitation code “thesalerack”) before Cyber Monday. They’ll notify you before each sale starts!

ideeli’s Cyber Monday Sale event begins Monday, December 1, 2008 at 11:00am for 1st row members, and noon for 2nd row members. This event will run throughout the day.

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