Cool New York T-shirts

Who doesn’t love New York?  What better way to show love for the great city than through this cool line of t-shirts.  The limited-edition borough t-shirts and vintage- styled FDNY and NYPD apparel can be found on, New York City’s official online shop.

Typically, on this site we focus on fashionable deals.  While we don’t have a coupon code for this site, we thought that the tees were very affordable at $20-$22.  As an extra bonus, the proceeds from the sale of these products will benefit the New York City Police Foundation ( and the FDNY Foundation (  These groups fund programs like Crime Stoppers, International Liasons, as well as fire safety and education training for members of the FDNY.  These are very important in our view.

Mary’s husband got the FDNY Wordmark Tee.   It’s very soft, as though it had been gently washed a few times, a good thing because he hates a rough tee… and who doesn’t?

We also thought the Taxi Fare Tee was quirky and fun.

And finally, we can’t resist honoring the heroic efforts of the NYPD with the NYPD Memorial Tee, especially with the 10 year anniversary quickly approaching.



Be sure to follow the NYCshop’s Twitter account, @nycgoshop for exclusive offers, coupons and product updates.

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  1. 09/01/2011

    Thanks for your post about!

    How did you hear about the site? And what made you buy?

    We are currently looking for affiliates and would love to talk to you about that program.


  2. admin

    You’re welcome Regina! We really liked the t-shirts and that the proceeds benefit some great programs. I will send you an email.

  3. 09/06/2011


    We love your site and think you might feel the same about ours! Please take a look at, the City of New York’s all new web store.

    We are currently looking for affiliates and would love to talk to you about that program.

    Please let me know if you are interested in discussing.


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