Missoni for Target – What’s Left?

Not a lot.

Like most fashionable gals we were up early yesterday morning (ok, not at 6am) and eager to shop the Missoni for Target launch online. Unfortunately, all we got when we logged onto Target.com/Missoni was a screen with that darn dog telling us we were out of luck. Not to be deterred, we sped on over, kids in tow, to our local Target to see if we could scoop up armloads of chevron. For a change we were thanking our lucky stars that we live in the sticks uh…suburbs because our tarjay had not been completely overrun with crazed Missonians. A few photos we snapped of the racks when we arrive and what we scored….sadly, the adorable 5 pc. espresso set was no where to be found.

Taking a look online it appears the women’s clothing has been nearly picked clean with only loungewear and swim showing availability. The guys’ stuff apparently didn’t last long either – just hats remain. We thought the little girls clothing was adorable and it appears there’s still quite a bit left. We recommend grabbing these super cute pieces for the lucky little ladies in your life:  Printed Sweater Dress, Printed Trench Coat, Crewneck Sweater, and the Hooded Sweater  – all  only $39.99!


Did you get what you wanted or did you get bumped off Target.com with a full cart? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought about it!


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Comments 4

  1. 09/14/2011

    I didn’t get a THING for myself, but did get a tote for my sister. She wanted the espresso set too, but it’s all sold out and I think it’s stupid to pay those Ebay prices! 🙂

  2. 09/14/2011

    I got some great finds…LOVE my throw pillows and trays. Am deciding now which of the other pieces I can live without!

  3. 09/26/2011

    Yup, there was nothing left. I really want the matching ballet flats for me and my daughter. WTF it sucks that people bought up a storm just to put it on ebay…grrrr

  4. admin

    it sounds like we all missed out on the something we wanted. here’s to the next target collaboration being better organized!

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