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After Christmas, are you always trying to find room for the gifts and moving the kids stuff around?  With the holidays quickly approaching, I started thinking about going through old clothes and making room for new ones.

This year, I found the perfect way to get rid of their outgrown clothes.   I’m joining thredUP where I can earn cash for gently used clothing, books and toys that they don’t need anymore.  It’s like an online consignment store with a bit of a twist.  I’ve heard of the site but never really got around to looking into how it actually works until now.

There are two ways you can do it.  First, thredUP will send you free empty boxes after you sign up.  You box up the goods and post online and when another mom picks it, you earn $10 per box.  Or, you can let thredUP do the work.  Order a free concierge bag when you join and stuff it with as much as you can.  They will sort and post the items for you then you earn a portion of the proceeds when it’s been sold.

If you’re also looking to shop, it’s easy to search for brands, gender and size.  There are detailed descriptions of each piece of clothing and the season for wearing them.  The sellers are even rated too.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation.  Earn a little money and be free from the boxes and boxes of clothes taking over your basement (at least in my case).  Happy purging!

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  1. 11/16/2011

    Thredup is awesome. However, if the shipping gets too costly, or you like to see/touch what you are getting -Try peace. love. swap -they have swap events ALL YEAR! -each event is ONLY $5 – you can bring what you aren’t using any more – and take what you need – it’s that simple (books, toys -large and small- clothes, bouncy seats – you name it..) Plus… our leftovers go to charity. So you get rid of your old, get ‘new to you’ and help those in need. We have several locations through out the US. Don’t have a p.l.s event near you? Start your own! make extra money, get FREE stuff for your kids, give back to your community AND help the environment! It’s the best home based business you will ever run :). Since 2009 peace. love. swap has produced over 100 swap events, donated over 87,000 baby, kid and maternity items to charity, and swapped over 130,000 items!! Happy swapping~
    meg/peace. love. swap founder

    Please nominate p.l.s in Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards ~
    just enter our website here – Thanks!

    Meg Franz, Founder ~ peace. love. swap

    p. 530.913.6848 / f. 530.205.9704

    The peace. love. swap. mission: to keep gently used
    baby, kid and maternity items out of landfills,
    and to donate to local charities, by producing fun
    and affordable family swaps on a regular basis

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