Design Spotting: Shopping Your Closet

With the change of seasons, I plan on doing a little fall shopping (sales, of course).  But first, it only made sense to see what was going on in the mess I call my closet.  On a whim, I decided to clear up some space and to see what I had to work with by doing a complete re-organization of the area.

With that in mind, once I put everything in its place and made my donation pile, I realized that clothing can come and go but it seems as though accessories are more versatile and certain styles can even come back more quicly than a dress from 5 years ago.  I usually try to stick with more timeless pieces than trendy ones, especially if I’m paying a higher price for a particular item.  So I was inspired to take stock of older shoes and bags that I have that I’m actually excited to wear again paired with new clothing this fall.

First, I found a vintage Gucci handbag (circa 1985) on the top shelf of my closet– my mom had given it to me a few years ago.  It’s not huge so it can be worn casually as a cross-body bag.  Furthermore, I had completely forgotten about this little gold HOBO clutch which is perfect for a dressier night out and for going to holiday parties.



Next, I went through my shoes and decided I really like these Kelsi Dagger suede wedges in camel that I got for Christmas last year.  They go really well with many of my jeans and I love a classic wedge style.  They’re going back into the rotation.


I haven’t really finished going through my jewelry, but I like to wear the kind that has some personal meaning to me.  I haven’t worn this garnet cross necklace in quite a few years.  It was given to me by my great aunt back when I was in high school.  It always seemed too old for me or not quite my style, but this fall, I’m taking a closer look at it.  I like the fact that it belonged to my aunt and is symbolic of my beliefs.

Now that I’ve found my fall style inspiration, I can’t wait to go shopping for new pieces to pull it all together!


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