Craft Coffee – A Great Gift Idea For Coffee Lovers


Know a coffee lover (or 10?), then go above and beyond this year with a coffee subscription to Craft Coffee.

Elevate your daily joe into a journey through the world’s most delicious coffees. Craft Coffee pioneered a new kind of coffee-of-the-month subscription, turning your morning coffee into a moment of discovery. Curated by New York’s top coffee pros subscriptions to Craft Coffee start at only $19.99 per month!

How It Works:

Each month, the coffee experts at Craft Coffee sample 50+ coffees from roasters around the country. After a series of blind taste tests, only the top three make it into the box. These are literally the best coffees available in the country each month, making Craft Coffee an amazingly affordable luxury, and with our exclusive coupon codes you can save even more!

  • 20% off your first month of Craft Coffee with code “thesalerackmonthly”
  • 10% off any holiday gift with code “thesalerackholiday”

If you (or someone you know) loves coffee, it doesn’t get any better than Craft Coffee.

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