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Diamond Earrings you will be proud to wear

Diamonds are truly a beautiful gem and a girl’s best friend.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry?

The wonderful thing about earrings is how well they complete any look. Looking for professional and put together? Go with earrings. Need to complete that fun and stylish evening ensemble? Reach for diamond earrings. Are you going casual and relaxed but still want to maintain a feminine air? Earrings will do the trick.  Diamond earrings do all of these things plus show a sense of taste and style that simply cannot be matched.  With the assorted cuts, styles and even colors of diamonds available now, the choices are endless.

In recent years many diamond buyers have been concerned that the diamonds they are purchasing could be what are sometimes referred to as “blood diamonds.”  These diamonds are mined from questionable sources with horrid records of human rights abuses and mistreatment of workers.  When purchasing your diamonds you want to be sure they are ethically sourced.  The Genuine Gemstone Company, GEMSTV offers an array of fine gemstone jewelry for ethically sourced diamond earrings.

The Genuine Gemstone Company finds the best quality stones by dealing with communities from Tanzania to Madagascar and Sri Lanka.  They pay fair price for them and run developmental projects within these communities.

Their diamond earrings come in many styles from studs to hoops.  The diamonds also come in a variety of colours from the traditional white diamond to the stunning red diamond. You will find diamonds that are both beautiful and that you can be proud to wear.

Chocolate DiamondWhite DiamondBlue Diamond

From L to R, Chocolate Diamond Earrings, White Diamond 9K White Gold Earrings, Blue Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings



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