See Mornings in a New Light

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See Mornings in a New Light with a contemporary styled bathroom cabinet with an illuminated mirror.

Mirrors are one of the most frequently looked at and useful items in your home and yet many people never really think about updating it. The bathroom cabinet mirror can be merely there and show a reflection or it can be a piece to add charm and functionality to your bathroom.

The choices are many and varied according to your preferences and needs. Want make-up to go on easier? Consider a magnifying LED mirror. Give the room a more spacious appearance with a slim line design. If you would like it to add to the décor as well as be functional then there are even color changing types in all styles.

A mirrored cabinet with a light in the ceiling work, so long as you do not mind trying to decide if it is shadowy lighting or dark spots under your eyes, or a missed spot shaving. Make one of the most often used items in your home more beautiful, functional and elegant. With direct or ambient lighting styles and many styles that are easy to install, all you have to do is decide which suits your tastes and needs.

If you would like to see more clearly, upgrade to energy efficient lighting, and add a touch of class and style at the same time, consider looking at Bathroom Cabinets at Illuminated Mirrors.  You’ll have a lasting home improvement for less than the cost of about two weeks of groceries.


Pearl Sensor Cabinet     Kriya Demist cabinet

From L to R, Pearl Sensor Cabinet and Kriya Demist Cabinet


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