Soxxy Has Staying Power

Don’t you just hate it when you’re wearing socks and you can feel them sliding down while you walk?  You become completely self-conscious about other people noticing that you’re constantly pulling them up and they’re all that you can even think about.   Well, Soxxy has a solution to that annoying problem.  Their non-slip XO grip, made of a unique silicone material and placed at the inside top rim, will keep your socks in place all day long.

Soxxy was generous enough to send us a pair to try.  The socks are quite comfortable and the XO grip really worked.  Aside from their usefulness, the socks are also stylish.  We were sent a black and silver mini stripe pair which can go with almost anything.  Their packaging is really cute too (and we’re always suckers for great packaging).




Choose from ankle socks for $15, knee socks for $25 or thigh socks for $35.  The knee and thigh socks will be great in the fall when boot season is back.  Soxxy is giving The Sale Rack readers a 25% discount.


Disclosure: We received a pair of socks from Soxxy to try out. Opinions expressed here are our own.






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