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Bingo has been around for decades already and its popularity continues to increase in the United States especially with its online counterparts invading the virtual world. This traditional game all began as a fundraising event held in churches during the Great Depression, but now it is considered a form of entertainment that can be played in various venues from bingo halls to clubs. Since most Americans are connected online, they prefer playing at or other reputable sites rather than traveling to Cherokee Tribal Bingo Hall. The availability and simple game rules could have been the main reasons why this game remains one of the top activities in the country. According to Gamble Online, there are around two million people in the United States that spend around three billion US dollars annually playing bingo.

The numbers mentioned above clearly prove how much in demand bingo is in the United States. Despite the demand of this game in the country, several bingo suppliers still manage to offer great deals for consumers. Whether you’re planning to purchase bingo equipment for business or for personal use, here are the list of websites that you can check out so you can get discounted items:

Jackpot Bingo Supplies

Almost all of the equipment available at Jackpot Bingo Supplies are on sale from bingo cards and daubers to bingo balls and bags. Choose from different designs of cards including shamrock, patriotic, and money designed shutter cards. The 10-inch trendy bag is a hot deal because of its cool style. It has 10 pockets and a drawstring cord for easy carry and packing of various bingo items.

Bingo Novelty World

If you are looking for cheap daubers, then the best place to shop is at Bingo Novelty World. They have a clearance sale online and you can choose from a wide variety of bingo daubers. It is important to use daubers that you are comfortable with and can last for a long time. The top designs on sale include the Lucky Dot, I Sense A Winner, Sweet Spot, Wizard of Oz, and Sports Fan daubers.

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