Buy GE reveal® at a Discount at Target!

We all know the start of a new year is the perfect time to make resolutions, to renew friendships and important ties, and to remodel or refresh your living space! The good folks at GE Lighting must have figured out that all good things start with “re” they created their new line of reveal® light bulbs.

GE Reveal Light Bulbs   GE Lighting North America

One of our favorite places to shop and score deals, Target, now features a new lighting section including GE reveal® premium light bulbs. The reveal® bulbs are known for transforming rooms by removing the dull yellows of standard soft whites and instead providing beautiful clean white light that help the colors (and everything else) in your home to pop. And if your home is bathed in the blue-gray glow of winter (like ours), you’re with us in wanting to try something that will help brighten the insides of our home (where we are spending too much time these days!) with clean, beautiful light.

Buy GE reveal® at a Discount at Target!

Not only are GE reveal® LED bulbs available almost exclusively at Target, but there you can find great prices and savings on all GE reveal® solutions. Target’s Cartwheel App  (Have you downloaded this yet?! We LOVE it!) provides savings for in-store purchases of GE reveal (as well as many of the other items you’ll likely need in the upcoming months).


Simply download Target’s money-saving Cartwheel app, (available on Apple IOS here and Android here), select the 25% off GE reveal bulbs deal (and any other savings you need) and head to your local Target for great deals!

If a few weeks we’ll be doing a post about how we used GE Lighting’s reveal® bulbs makeover a space in our home, but until then you can watch this fun and stylish new video GE Lighting created featuring four hip West-Coast tastemakers who depend on the best lighting possible for their craft, as they complete a GE reveal® makeover and share their authentic experience. Everyone needs good lighting!

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