Six Style Tips For the Modern Man

If you want to look great, you need to take control of your style. From the clothes that you buy, to the accessories that you use, every detail has the potential to completely transform how you are perceived. In this article you’ll get six style tips carefully chosen for the modern man.

Invest in a few good pieces


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From time to time you should set aside the budget to buy truly impressive items for your wardrobe. It’s best to favor shoes, jeans, jackets, suits and other items that are able to easily convey their impressiveness. Instead of owning six or seven jackets, only buy a few but make sure that one of these is the best. When you’re buying t-shirts and shirts, it’s good to have variety. Favor having a reasonably wide selection, but you should still have one or two really nice pieces if possible.

Get clothes that fit like a glove

Try to avoid buying clothes that don’t quite fit properly. The most common mistake among men is to opt for items that are a bit too big. Sure, wearing something baggy is not as bad as wearing something tight, but don’t force yourself to make a choice. Wearing clothes that fit properly really transforms your look. People will know you look great, but they won’t know why.

Don’t rely on gifts to define your style

Men tend to get lots of clothing at Christmas and birthdays. We’re always very grateful to get gifts, but as a result we often force ourselves into wearing clothes that don’t fit our style. For example, imagine if you really like to wear Adidas shoes. What would you do if your auntie suddenly gave you a similar (but different) pair of shoes for your wardrobe? The chances are that you’d be tempted to start wearing her gift, and with that you have lost control of your style. The best way around this is to be seen wearing the gifted shoes a few times, preferably in her company, and then go back to your typical style. Never say a gift isn’t suitable – that’s just mean.

Read more about fashion


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If you want to really develop your style, you need to read more. The more you read, the more you learn and the more you are likely to develop a sense of style that is truly distinctive and memorable. It’s also really cool to see something on the high street and know the catwalk style that inspired the design. Also, learning about fashion doesn’t have to be all about reading. It’s a medium that’s well suited to images, and sometimes you can learn even more through simply flicking through the pages of a magazine or looking at images on a blog.


Buy what you need online

People so often pay over the odds for fashion, but it’s always worth taking a bit of extra time to get a good price. If you can save 10% by shopping around that can really add up over time. Take the extra money and invest in something special, or simply pocket the money you’ve saved. When you shop online it’s way easier to compare prices, and you can always find better deals. A key tip is to not always buy at the place where you originally came across the item. If you find an amazing t-shirt in a store, go home and try to find it online. It’s an easy way to save money, particularly for certain categories of fashion.


Develop a signature style

You should try to develop a signature style. To do that, you will have to firstly get a sense of the type of style that you like. The best way to find this out is to read a lot and become very observant in your everyday life. Try to avoid the temptation of copying someone else. Take inspiration from what you see around you, but try to adapt it in a way that suits you and your personal style. Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish, have a think about adjectives to describe the look. Perhaps you want to look “gentlemanly,” “professional” and “modern.” Or perhaps you want to look “independent,” “daring” and “casual.” It’s usually preferable to have around three adjectives. Having only two adjectives often leads to too much vagueness, while more than three often makes you feel restrained. The key here is to develop parameters that define your style, and you can always change them over time. This approach is effective because it forces you to think about your style in deeper way.





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