Back To School with KIND Snacks – It’s What We’re Packing

It’s that time of year where we find ourselves in the grocery store, scouring shelves and labels, wondering what snacks we can buy for our kids that are healthy and that they’ll actually eat. Most of the grocery stores where Mary & I live are chock full of beloved childhood snacks like Goldfish & Ritz crackers, Quaker granola bars, and Mott’s applesauces. While we have certainly been brought up on most of these, have bought them ourselves and think they taste great,  we can’t turn a blind eye to what we know about processed foods and unrecognizable ingredients. We now live in an age where we have access to more information, and the information tells us that the companies that make these snacks don’t have the consumers’ best interest in mind, let alone our children’s.  All of the snacks mentioned (and many, many others) are owned by much larger corporations, like Nabisco, Pepsico, Kraft, and Monsanto, who are opposed to GMO food labeling and who have paid millions of dollars to squash Right To Know initiatives. So knowing what we know about GMOs and the corporations that oppose labeling their products, it makes it difficult as a parent to find snacks, other than fruits & veggies (even these have their challenges), we can comfortably give our kids each day.

That’s where KIND comes in.

KIND snacks

KIND is a really unique company, with a really admirable mission…to make the world a kinder place (The Kind Movement). We’re pretty sure we could all use a little more kindness in our lives, don’t you agree?

A privately owned company, KIND started in 2004 with just 8 types of snacks bars. Today they offer over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters, with a multitude of new recipes being perfected daily. All of which are non-GMO. All of which are made in the USA. All of which have ingredients we can pronounce. And all of which are healthy AND taste great.

KIND was kind enough to send us some of their yummy bars & Healthy Grains to test out. Their snack bars are regular items on our shopping list, so we already knew how delicious they would be, but the Healthy Grains granola was new to us and let us tell you, it is fantastic sprinkled on yogurt! And while we know we’re talking about snacks for the kiddoes, we’ll confess that we might have hid the Caramel Almond & Sea Salt bars for ourselves! #SoGood

IMG_0423 IMG_0421

Back to Packing a Snack for the Kiddies…

Our kids love chocolate, so it’s great to be able to give them the Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Chunk clusters and know we’re not feeding them junk food.  The kids get what they think is a candy-like treat, we get to know it’s healthy, and everyone’s happy. Packing healthy options is the best way to help our kids avoid all the unhealthy choices lurking around their school. Between vending machines, bake sales, candy fund raisers and the snacks in the lunch line, who knows what they’re eating throughout the day! If they keep some healthy snacks in their locker or school bag, they’re less likely to fall prey to all these temptations, and they’ll be getting the brain food they really need. That’s why we’re packing KIND snacks in our kids’ lunches and keeping a supply on-hand at home and in the car. They’re perfect on-the-go, “Oops, I forgot to eat something before football practice, Mom” snacks.

IMG_0424 KIND Granola

Ways to save on KIND Snacks

We wouldn’t be The Sale Rack if we didn’t tell you a few ways to get your favorite things for less money, so to save on your next purchase of KIND snacks:

  1. Sign up for their email newsletter on the KIND homepage, this will keep you up to date on the latest KIND promotions
  2. Head over the the KIND Facebook page & enter to win a case of KIND snacks
  3. Check out Retail Me Not for coupon codes, we just spotted one for 50% off KIND Variety Cubes – not too shabby!

Happy, healthy snacking!

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